We all know that having a pool does pose a safety hazard, but unfortunately the statistics are still staggering!



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Child Drowning Statistics
  • 69 percent of drowning incidents occurred while one or both parents were responsible for supervision.
  • 10 percent were adults other than the parents.
  • 14 percent were sitters.
  • 7 percent siblings.
  • 65 percent of the drowning incidents were in a pool owned by the child's family.
  • 22 percent at a relative's.
  • 11 percent happened at a neighbor's.
  • 77 percent of the children had been seen 5 minutes or less before being missed and subsequently discovered in the pool.
Where Were They Last Seen?
  • 46 percent WERE LAST SEEN IN THE HOUSE prior to being found in the pool. Of these, 15 percent were thought to be sleeping.
  • 23 percent were last seen in the yard, porch or patio, not in the pool area. That's a total of 69 percent that were thought NOT to be in the pool area.
  • 31 percent were last seen in the pool or pool area.
    • 39 percent of the people responsible for supervising the child were doing chores.
    • 18 percent socializing.
    • 9 percent were on the telephone.

Frank Verni, owner/operator

Frank Verni, Owner/Operator of Life Saver Pool Safety is a factory trained and authorized dealer-installer for Life Saver Pool Fence, serving the Triangle region of North Carolina.

Frank Verni, owner of Life Saver Pool Safety Fence and Solutions explains, "I became an authorized dealer/distributor after purchasing a Life Saver Pool Fence to protect my own children when they were babies and toddlers. We had done a lot of research about different fence options and chose Life Saver because it is unable to be climbed, still keeps your pool and yard looking nice, and is affordable. As a bonus? It was not only safer for my kids, but it also prevented my water-loving Labrador retriever from using every excuse to jump into the pool! I ended up being so impressed by the product that I became a distributor."

My children, Diana (back) and Julia, pictured on their glider with my Life Saver Pool Fence safely separating them from the pool area.

Frank's children, Diana (back) and Julia, pictured on their glider with their Life Saver Pool Fence safely separating them from the pool area.